Ungracefully Phoebs – My New Series

This is my first post of a series I am trying out that my wonderful blogger expert friend suggested (thanks R). Today was an ungraceful and rough day for me. I was feeling low energy and out of it. On my way to the first big meeting I was having with the team I will be working with this summer I fell down the stairs. I blame the new shoes that I thought were such a great purchase. Perhaps, this is why they were on sale! Since I fall down (or up) stairs quite frequently I am actually used to it, but I think it set the tone for how the meeting would proceed, which was shaky. It was not as catastrophic as I made it seem the rest of the day, but as someone who over prepares for everything I felt flustered the entire time and like I was being tested. There was a moment, my co-worker recounted, that I seemed like I wasn’t going to regain my confidence during the meeting, but I ended up pulling it together. A few jokes always help to boost my confidence.

For a few hours after the meeting I felt the most low I have since I got here. I knew the meeting was not a big deal, but I just felt out of sorts. I was able to turn my mood around by reminding myself that I am in Africa! It still seems surreal that I am actually here, but I want to be sure to not forget it!

I welcome feedback on the new series!


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