Lights Out

After a long day and an hour sitting in traffic, J and I were so excited to walk into our building complex both exclaiming how nice it was to be home! I had a whole post drafted about how working life in Nairobi is not that different than having a normal work routine anywhere else. I came home all ready to edit and post it when we walked in and were unable to turn the lights on. J knew right away it was a power outage, but I tried to retain some hope and tested ouot all the switches. It turns out the power had been out since 9am. I felt a mini “freak-out” tree in me ready to grow, but I squelched the impulse and just went with it. I mean really, what can you do? Luckily my mom and I purchased a little pink flashlight on our big CVS run. Also, I have never been so grateful that I purchased a new kindle with a backlight. I guess this is a lesson to me that as much as things feel Western or routine, I am still in a developing country. Not that power outages don’t happen everywhere, but it is more the fact that it seemed to just be a normal occurrence we should expect here. 

The handyman for our building told us the power would come back on at 8pm and we were counting the minutes, despite doubting his certainty about the timing. Sure enough the lights came on at 8pm and I squealed with excitement. I had been mentally preparing for a long dark night. I sent a few texts and emails and then they went off again. Five minutes later they came on again for ten minutes, then off again. After that last time they went off I resigned myself to being in the darkness. I would think I would feel uneasy navigating a dark apartment, but I guess it’s a sign I really have grown. I was not thrilled about it, but this is all part of my experience living in Africa.

I will share more about my routine, my diet, and my new favorite Swahili word once I feel like I have got my routine and my bearings back. 


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