International Adventures at 20 vs. 26

As I go through this trip I can’t help but compare it to the last time I went on a big international adventure, during my study abroad experience six years ago. They were different continents and contexts, but I have asked myself what else has changed? Here is my attempt to examine the differences of international adventures at different ages and stages of life.


Age 20

Age 26

Self- medication with Malbec Self-medication with mindfulness and yoga
Germaphobe Decided can’t control germs (or as a doctor in South America translated, Germans)
As a “student,” my main job was entertaining myself, days spent at cafes and museums. Focused on professional responsibilities, days spent in an office.
Wouldn’t go anywhere without my best friend I am traveling with different people and am on my own for most of the day (and missing my former travel buddy)
Addicted to long sappy emails Found a more creative outlet through blogging
Most of my friends were similarly off somewhere exotic Friends and family are jealous of my adventure (which makes me appreciate it even more)
Challenging social situation: juggling friend groups Challenging social situation: negotiating prices with taxi drives who we now consider friends
Future planning: the next adventure would be right around the corner Future planning: embrace this opportunity because not sure when the next chance for adventure will appear

Being silly at age 20 stuck on a 16 hour train ride


Still being silly at age 26


2 thoughts on “International Adventures at 20 vs. 26

  1. Ok this is my favorite post and made me giggle at my desk. But seriously could you have posted a worse picture?!?!

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