It really is the end

 All of the sudden this afternoon (the day before we leave) it really clicked that we are leaving. We had our last day in the office and got in David’s blue fan to find little gift bags on the seats. He made each of us a gift bag with our name on it and inside was a beautiful statue of two giraffes. I nearly (my travel buddies may contest the nearly part of this) cried. I had to get out of the car quickly and told David we had a gift for him for tomorrow and would need pictures with him.

Filled with nostalgia I started packing and cleaning the apartment. We are having a going away get together tonight. I use the term get together rather than party because so far we only have five confirmed guests. I came across this quote in David Sedaris’ new book Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls and it made me smile. Sedaris writes,

“And isn’t that the joy of foreign travel—there’s always something to scratch your head over. You don’t have to be fluent in order to wonder.”

Kenya has filled me with wonder and as intensely excited as I am to get home it makes me sad to know I am leaving behind that amazing type of joy.


2 thoughts on “It really is the end

  1. Aww Phoebs, I cannot wait to hear more stories from Boston. In the meantime, do all the Bostony things for me as soon as you get home so I can live vicariously through those too?

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