Summer Mornings

It is day 2 of me trying to be the model of a supportive girlfriend for the second day of the bar exam (when they made it two days did they consider how hard it is on girlfriends?). I went out at 7am to get us coffees and as soon as I stepped out of my door I realized how delightful this tiny excursion would be. I forgot that I absolutely love mornings in the summer.

First of all there is a specific smell of summer mornings. It is before the heat of the day has hit so it is a more subtle summer scent. The lighting is perfect. It is sunny, but not too sunny that you need sunglasses. The streets are empty except for the joggers and over-eager professionals. There is so much promise as to what the rest of the day could be.

I like warm mornings anywhere, but there is something so special about them in New England. The warm weather is fleeting so it feels like a gift to us that we get to enjoy these perfect mornings. A favorite activity of mine on summer mornings is drinking coffee in a mug outside in shorts and a t-shirt. It is extra special when my nephews and nieces are around and already playing outside as if they have been preparing for this for hours (which they probably have).

It could be because I have been in Nairobi almost all summer, but I feel extra fond of summer mornings this summer. I want everyone to appreciate them before they disappear into miserable snowy mornings! The girl who looks annoyed on her way to work should be grateful its summer and she is in flip-flops, even if her job does stink. Or the man struggling through his morning run should be thrilled that he can be running in shorts and a t-shirt and not long underwear. I want to stop all of them and say, “Isn’t everything better in the summer?” I am aware I would give someone the Phoebe “stare of death” if they said something like this to me in the morning when I was going to work or struggling through a run.

I tried to take a picture of this summer morning in Boston, but I realized I can’t capture a mood or a smell in a picture. Instead I have to paint the picture with my words and hope you are still entertained even if this blog post is just text.


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