Using Everything We Got

While S was taking the bar I became really interested in home projects (mostly related to food). I have discovered the joy of stocking our fridge and using all of the ingredients in different ways so nothing is wasted. The night before S took the bar he wanted to take a break at night so we went out to a little Italian place in our neighborhood with incredible homemade pasta. We both had leftovers that we could not bare to throw out because the pasta was so delicious.

The following night I had planned on cooking a big meal for S in between days 1 and 2 of the bar. I decided to make a chicken dish I had cooked on one of the first warm days of the year. It is the perfect summer dish as it is really flavorful, but is also light and refreshing (this is coming from the girl who claims she does not love chicken). The dish has mint in it, which you have to buy in a large bundle. I made it my goal to use up all of the mint.  I also had bought asparagus as I was planning on cooking a different meal before we decided to go out to dinner the previous night. I looked up asparagus recipes and in the first few results on Martha Stewart’s website (my go-to for recipes) was a recipe with asparagus and mint butter. We each had our own leftover pasta from the night before as a side dish.


There was still a lot of mint left after this project so I decided I was going to made homemade mojitos as a surprise for S when he came home after completing the bar! As the comments on the recipes advised, I even made my own simple syrup! We also had some avocados that I wanted to use before going away that weekend so I decided to make guacamole. This resulted in the perfect summer celebratory snack! Although, I must be honest my guacamole was not quite as flavorful as the kind you get at a restaurant.


It has been really fun making my apartment as cozy and comfortable as possible. This has included intense cleaning as well as buying cheery flowers. It is all part of my quest to continuing appreciating my life and home here!

Sunflowers were on sale at Whole Foods!

Sunflowers were on sale at Whole Foods!


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