Garden to Table

This spring it was as if I discovered the beauty of flowers. When S and I would go for a run along the Charles I would pause for a moment and point out to him the blooming trees all around us and insist that this was something unique this season. I visited a friend’s parents house and could not stop commenting on his parent’s garden and the smell of lilac that permeated the yard. I recently asked my mom if this season there were more flowers blooming than usual and she said “Possibly, or maybe you are just at the age where you are really noticing it.” That seems like a truly lovely concept. Perhaps for many years I just passed flowers by and now all of the sudden I am mature enough to look around and appreciate them!

This appreciation has extended to vegetable gardens as well. Every time we visit my boyfriend’s parents house we are gifted with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs they have grown. On our last visit we even got a spaghetti squash! It is amazing what a difference you can notice in the taste, especially of the tomatoes. They are so much more fresh and delicious than any tomatoes I have eaten before. Since I have been throwing myself into cooking projects lately it has been even more rewarding to cook with produce somebody grew! See below for my recent creations.

Caprese salad with basil and tomatoes grown by my boyfriend’s parents. The mozzarella is local from Vermont (bought at Whole Foods so kind of cheating there).


Spaghetti squash and shrimp recipe from Martha, squash and parsley both garden fresh


Stopping to sit on a bench and appreciate the public gardens on a beautiful summer day



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