Filling a cliché

I have come to realize that there is something incredibly rewarding about filling a cliché. Last Friday night I was feeling sad (for no good reason) and decided I need to stay at home, drink wine, eat ice-cream, and watch P.S. I Love You (which I had never seen before and of course bawled my eyes out for 2 hours).

When I texted Shaun to tell him what I was doing he said, “Omg. Wine – check, ice-cream – check, chic flick – check. You are really living it up J ” In the midst of my cliché I did not even realize how perfectly I filled the role of emotional girl. It would only have been more cliché if I was getting over a break-up and wearing a plaid onesie. Luckily neither of these were part of this picture.

This made me reflect on the fact that I have always enjoyed filling a cliché. After I broke up with my boyfriend in college I remember crying through bites of ice-cream straight out of the tub and chain smoking cigarettes (luckily I have since kicked those habits). There was something about doing the things that were expected of a girl going through a break-up that made me feel oddly better.

I don’t only enjoy filling sad clichés. Sometimes Shaun and I often fill the obnoxious cute couple cliché We go for a run together and then go to whole foods post work-out and I secretly hate us for filling the healthy yuppy cliché. We also enjoy filling the Christmas spirit cliché. We have started our own tradition where we decorate our apartment, listen to holiday music, and make Christmas cookies. This one is especially fun for me because as a Jewish girl I dreamed about participating in these holiday traditions.

I am someone who prides myself on being unique and it is kind of surprising to me that sometimes I like to do play out the scenarios that are expected of me. I have always had a huge imagination. Convincing myself that if I sat in the wardrobe in my child home long enough I would certainly be able to walk into Narnia, or dreaming of one day being on Broadway. Maybe filling clichés is a little way I get to live out some of the scenarios I saw or read about. Besides, clichés exist for a reason. It is nice that there is a pre-packaged scenario of how to act when you are heartbroken, or what to do on a girls night out, or on Valentine’s Day. When so much is up to choice it is nice to have a shortcut, especially one that makes me feel like I am living in a movie. 


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